OtterBox + Shinyei PPD42NS

Long hiatus on the blog, but it’s been a busy couple of months. I’ve been doing some rapid prototyping with the Shinyei PPD42NS, pictured above in an OtterBox enclosure with a battery, real-time clock, microSD datalogger, and temperature-humidity sensor. I’m thinking of calling it the Bento, what with all the tasty little sensors inside (and h/t to Lady Ada’s Bento). As you can see, I’m no mechanical engineer. But some folks over in Mech Eng at Berkeley are starting to work with us on enclosures. Nice!

I had the pleasure of working over the summer with Ben Weia, an undergraduate student participating in the STEER program at Berkeley. Ben used the prototype above to gather some pilot data in and around downtown Berkeley. He also helped set up a second set of observational studies involving multiple Shinyeis and a Dylos operating under lab (ambient) conditions for over a month.

I’m now heading to the EPA sensor evaluation workshop in North Carolina, where I’ll meet up with Victor Aprea from Wicked Device, among other developers. His Air Quality Egg is going to undergo some testing at EPA facilities, and everyone else is handing off their devices for that purpose too. We’ll also be meeting other sensor developers, touring EPA facilities, and having Q&A with Ron Williams and Russell Long. I’ll be bringing along a Bento, to have something to talk about our work with.

UPDATE: Fantastic workshop. Great to have so many groups participating in this space! Thanks to Ron Williams and everyone else at EPA for making it happen.


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