Dylos to Arduino via SoftwareSerial

Here’s a basic way to connect your Dylos to an Arduino. I’m sure it’s far from the most elegant solution, but hopefully someone will contribute an improvement.

I used:

STEP 1. Solder the Digikey connector to the level shifter instead of the one that comes from Sparkfun, and solder it on upside-down. Now your Arduino has a male DB9 port. See pic above.

STEP 2. Connect TX-O and RX-I from the level shifter to RX to and TX on the Arduino, respectively. In this case, I used the SoftwareSerial library and configured pin 2 as RX and pin 3 as TX:

STEP 3. Connect the null modem cable between the Dylos and the level shifter, and you’re good to go!

If you end up using this tip in your project, or you have improvements to suggest, please leave a comment below. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Dylos to Arduino via SoftwareSerial

    • I can’t believe I missed that. I read your posts on the Shinyei but that’s pretty much exactly the way I hooked up the Dylos too. I started with a Python script, then needed something a little more embedded. Ironically I’m back to Python, but now on a Raspberry Pi. Anyway, nicely done!