Affordable PM Sensor Roundup

This is a quick roundup of low-cost dust/haze/smoke sensor modules and fully packaged instruments that I’m aware of. I’ll be adding to it.

Sensor Modules

  • PPD42NS (Shinyei). Used in a couple of hacker/maker/commercial projects going on.
  • DSM501A (?). Available on AliBaba, etc. for $6 or so. h/t to Josh Schapiro.
  • GP2Y1010AU0F (Sharp). Used in some projects (e.g.,‘s) but haven’t seen anyone get a convincingly good signal out of this one yet. Correct me please.

Commercially Available

  • Dylos (DC1100, DC1700, etc). “Small” and “large” particle bins. Great sensitivity. Not sure about the upper end of the range.
  • UCB Particle Sensor. Manufactured by Berkeley Air from a modified smoke detector design. Used in health studies around the globe.

DIY and Research Projects

7 thoughts on “Affordable PM Sensor Roundup

    • @Gustavo Thanks for the citation! Didn’t know you’d used it. And for some reason I thought Chris Nafis hadn’t gotten very good readings out of it, but I might be wrong.

      Did you ever attempt to compare it to the Shinyei PPD42NS?

      • I think that Chris’ result was more that the Shinyei looked more like the Dylos in terms of output … which might very well be true!

        I have a couple of Shinyei sensor and on my ever increasing “to-do” list is to test them against the rest of the sensors I have.

  1. Hi, I just found this blog, looks great!

    Actually to add something wrt. the Sharp’s results. I have worked a bit with the GP2Y1010 in the last years and was able to get very nice signals out of it, using a calibration procedure and additional temperature correction. Took some time to publish the results though, but finally I got around to it:

    There are still issues with decalibration though…

    Some older/other stuff on cheap mobile particle sensing I’ve done can be found here or on my page:

    Hope some of it may provide to be useful (or at least interesting ;)) for some of you…